Utilising Coffee Accessories to Step Up Your Coffee Game

In the modern era, there are a variety of ways to step up your coffee game! With more useful utensils being made and improved each year it has never been easier to step up your coffee game and start producing better tasting coffee with your home coffee machine. Read on below for a few easy to obtain utensils that will massively improve your coffee game.

Coffee Scales

Now we have recently written a blog all about the importance of coffee scales so be sure to read up on this if it interests you! Coffee scales are necessary if you are wanting a consistent flavour from your coffee beans, it allows you to measure out the perfect amount of coffee beans that will make the best tasting coffee for you. If you fail to measure the coffee out properly this could lead to a too strong or weak tasting coffee due to the amount of coffee beans used. Use coffee scales to ensure your coffee is much more consistent and this will step up your coffee game.


This is a very useful utensil for heating milk for coffee! It is especially useful for baristas who are serving coffee to paying customers as this will ensure no one will burn their mouths on piping hot coffee or likewise being met with lukewarm coffee which is drinkable but not worth paying for! A good quality thermometer will also ensure milk does not burn as this will ruin the coffee and give it an odd taste.

Milk Frother

Keeping with the milk theme, a milk frother is a very useful utensil that will step up your coffee game and improve the taste and texture of your home coffee. This utensil makes it so much easier to make coffee from home with the same taste you would get at professional coffee shops. Investing in a milk frother will also save you money in the long term as you will no longer have to give your left kidney just to purchase an espresso from a unique hipster café.

Quality Coffee Grinder

Now this is the most useful utensil that we have compiled in this list and that is why we have saved it for last. If you are not using a quality coffee grinder to grind your coffee beans into a specific grind then the best you may produce will be a coarse or a medium-fine grind if you are lucky! In order to produce a higher class coffee grind such as a fine or extra fine for an espresso coffee, you will need a quality coffee grinder and take it from us, it is very much value for money to invest in one!

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