How Will Coffee Scales Help Enhance Your Coffee?

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Coffee scales can help to enhance your coffee as they allow you to measure your coffee beforehand. There are many useful tools in the field of coffee but coffee scales have got to be up there with the most important. Whilst some people tend to just eyeball the amount of coffee when measuring it, for an up and coming barista, coffee scales are very important. Using the right proportion of coffee to water is important. You could end up using too much or too little. And if you do the coffee that you produce will not be to the highest standard. Read on below for a few tips on how coffee scales can help enhance your coffee.

Level of Accuracy

As previously mentioned, measuring coffee is done so that you can have a certain level of accuracy with your coffee and enhance your drink. If there is too much coffee for the drink you are trying to make it will be too high in concentrate and maybe too bitter for most coffee lovers. Equally, if you use too little coffee then the final product may end up being too weak and if there is one thing we cannot stand at Espresso @ Home, it is weak coffee!

Reducing Your Waste

Another way that coffee scales help to enhance your coffee experience is the reduction of waste. Only grinding the beans that you need for the activity you’re working through helps you control waste since any leftover coffee will quickly become stale over time and should be discarded.

Freedom of Experimentation

Using a scale allows you to play around with different espresso brew ratios so you can find that perfect volume of coffee. Here are the specific ratios that have been outlined by the Specialty Coffee Association.  Be sure to remember that not all coffee beans are the same, you could be measuring out Arabica beans one minute and the next you are dealing with Robusta coffee beans. All coffee beans come in different sizes and strengths so it is always vital as a barista that you have at least a basic knowledge of the different types of coffee beans. If you want more control over the flavour of your coffee, or you simply like to experiment and find different flavours in each roast, coffee scales really are an invaluable tool.

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