The Rise of Specialty Coffee

The average Briton consumes around two cups of coffee each day. This is increasingly putting stress on coffee farmers across the coffee belt as there is a higher consumer demand. If you are interested in learning about these farmers across the coffee bean belt then be sure to check out our latest blog surrounding this important subject. Along the coffee bean belt, coffee farmers are working extremely hard to provide specialty coffee as one cup will suffice as a replacement for the two instant coffees that we consume on a daily basis in the UK. This will put less pressure on coffee farmers and manufactures around the world. Read on below for a few points on the rise in specialty coffee in recent times.

What is Specialty Coffee?

Specialty coffee is essentially all about the quality. Your standard instant coffee from the corner shop would not be considered ‘specialty’ for example. This coffee is brewed and grown and even sourced differently. Specialist coffee roasters make personal connections and relationships with farmers and workers on coffee farms. This way the roasters go on to sell the specialty coffee at a premium price and ensure the farmers are making more money for themselves. This idea helps to support local coffee farmers who may not be making anywhere near the same amount if they sold through major coffee chains like Nestle or Costa.

Why is it so Popular?

Specialty coffee has gained popularity due to its premium and high quality features. In today’s society, lots of people tend to take photos of the best looking food and drink in saying this we realise that nothing can really beat a fresh looking hot cup of premium specialty coffee! Of course it is not just the aesthetic of the specialty coffee that attracts consumers, the luscious feel of specialty coffee on your lips is the main draw for why it has gained a large volume of eager consumers. We also believe that another reason for the popularity of specialty coffee is down to the idea that it helps local farmers that may be mistreated by some of the larger known coffee companies to earn more money.

Future Trends of Specialty Coffee

Now it is of course hard to predict the future, if we could then we’d be sitting on a beach in the Bahamas with no worries in life! This sadly is not the case however, so when we are talking about the future it is hard to really predict how specialty coffee will look on the global market. We can however tell you that consumer demand for coffee is increasing every year and with this there will be new audiences to attract to specialty coffee. Along with this, we believe that more and more people will believe in the idea of FairTrade and so there will be greater support for local coffee shops instead of the more well known coffee operators.

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