A Guide to Buying a Coffee Machine as a Present

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A coffee machine can be a great gift for your coffee enthusiast friend who needs that caffeine boost in the morning to kickstart their day. They can also be a great present for your partner or parents. There are many factors that you should consider before buying a coffee machine as a present, read on below to find out more.

Does This Person Like Coffee?

Now the first thing you have to consider is if the person you are buying a coffee machine for actually likes coffee! You may not know or just presume this fact as we at Espresso@Home also struggle to comprehend how a person cannot like coffee! These people do exist, however! It is important to ensure you know about this before any awkward encounters can occur and you see the look on their face as they try and thank you for a gift that they are not going to use! If they do not like coffee you should probably stay away from getting them a coffee machine! Try an Amazon voucher as that is usually a safe bet!


When you are confident that the intended recipient drinks coffee then you can get to the stage of choosing a coffee machine. It’s important to do your research before making a purchase. If you spend time looking around the market place you might find a coffee machine that gives you exactly what you want for much less than the first machine you may have stumbled across! Scan through and do your research online to find the best coffee machine at the most suitable price and this person will not be disappointed.


It is important to know whether this person is a casual coffee drinker or an ‘I need a coffee before I can function’ kind of person. The latter will tend to use the machine more frequently so you are better off getting a higher quality machine that can cope with frequent usage. The former person will just take any functioning coffee machine as they will only use it maybe a few times a week.


Frequent usage can lead to maintenance issues if the coffee machine is incorrectly used or overworked. To protect the recipient of the coffee machine from having to pay repair costs you should try to ensure that the machine that you purchase provides a warranty. But be careful they usually won’t cover user error! They need to read the instruction manual and clean the equipment as specified by the manufacturer for the warranty to remain in force!  If you need fast and quality coffee machine repair then be sure to check out our services page at Espresso@Home.

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