Tips to Making Quality Iced Coffee at Home

The majority of us see iced coffee as something only made by a Barista in a café or an item you can buy at the supermarket. There is not much noise on homemade iced coffee! As summer is upon us and an expected heatwave is just around the corner, it may be important for you to know how to make this cool, flavoursome drink for your own pleasure at home. Read on below to find out some tips to making quality iced coffee at home. 

High-Quality Coffee Beans 

Now, you are only going to get high-quality iced coffee if you use first-class coffee beans! This should be obvious. If you were to buy cheap and low-quality coffee beans, this would tarnish the taste of your iced coffee before it has even been created!  

Make a Large Volume  

It is important that you make your iced coffee in a large batch. This is purely for the reason of speed and convenience, as a greater volume of coffee means that you will not have to repeat the process several times. However, you can always just make one cup of iced coffee if you wish. If you are struggling for time, you can even ‘double brew’ this means doubling the amount of coffee that you usually use. This means when it is iced, it will not taste diluted as it was heavily concentrated beforehand. 

Try Out Cold Brew 

Iced coffee and cold brew are two separate drinks. Cold brew involves the process of using cool water mixed with regular ground coffee. Iced coffee on the other hand, involves brewing the coffee hot and then proceeding to immediately fill it with ice. This ensures the flavours are maintained with the original heat whilst also being a refreshing and cooling beverage. Cold brew is definitely a viable option on a hot day, it has a much higher level of concentration than iced coffee so you probably will not need as much. 

Create Coffee Ice-Cubes 

Another fun way of making quality iced coffee could be achieved with coffee ice-cubes. This is as simple as it sounds, freeze your leftover coffee in some ice-cube moulds overnight. You could even include additional flavours such as caramel or cinnamon before freezing. Then after around a day, take them out and put them into your iced coffee so, when the cubes start to melt, they will add flavour instead of diluting the coffee. Hidden flavours within the ice-cubes can also infuse themselves within the iced coffee and improve your overall drinking experience. 

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