How to Cut Calories When Drinking Coffee?

As with many things, consuming too much coffee can really add up the calories. Therefore, at Espresso @ Home, we have come up with a few ideas that will help cut the number of calories that you consume when drinking your favourite coffee. You might be surprised to hear that some types of drinks, particularly those that you’ve customised could be high in fat and quite unhealthy!

Read on below to see how you can still enjoy your favourite coffee without gaining those extra pounds!

Make The Coffee Yourself

The first thing you can do when attempting to limit the calories in your coffee is to make it yourself. Making your favourite coffee using your home machine and products which you have at home will give you insight into just what is going into your coffee. When you buy a coffee from a café, you are not aware of everything that goes into your favourite coffee! There may be much more sugar than you would like.

Use Less Sugar

Continuing with sugar, just useless! When buying or making coffee you can decrease your calorie intake by consuming less sugar. If you can adjust to a more bitter or less sweet taste. this will massively decrease your calorie intake over time. The average person in the UK consumes up to 13 cups of coffee per week. If you usually take sugar with your coffee and can transition to no sugar, think how many calories you will save, just by making this small change. A potential alternative to sugar are sweeteners, they have the same sweet taste as sugar while containing less food energy than sugars.

Drink Black Coffee

Similar to sugar, drinking lots of milk in your coffee can add fat and additional calories to your diet. A flat white is a good notable example since the extra milk added to it to make it creamier is also less healthy for you. Drinking black coffee may be bitter yet it is so much better for you since there are no extra calories added! Coffee is a great drink that provides many benefits to your health and though it may not be as sweet as you would like, it is a lot better for you if you’re drinking it all the time.

Use Skimmed Milk

We also understand that many people will only drink coffee with milk in it as they dislike the drink without it. If this is the case then you could opt for swapping your milk for skimmed milk, this option contains much less fat than semi-skimmed or full-fat milk and still allows you to enjoy a milky coffee if that is your preference. You can drink the same number of cups of coffee a day that you might do normally and just by swapping the milk you are using, this will ensure you’re not consuming unnecessary calories!

You could also try some milk alternatives that are healthier than regular milk. Hemp milk is a great substitute, it is milk made from ground hemp seeds. Another milk alternative is oat milk, it has become very popular in coffee shops across the UK. You can also try to remove the mocha from your coffee and reducing the number of syrups or trying low-fat syrups.

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