Tips on Using an Espresso Tamper

Image of an Espresso Tamper.

When you are making your espresso you need to be informed on all the factors included in creating a great tasting drink. Finding out how to properly use an espresso tamper will ensure that you are producing great tasting espresso every time. The correct tamp will create the right resistance needed to extract the right flavour from the coffee. Be sure to read below to get an insight on some of the most useful tips on using an espresso tamper.

Maintain Good Form

You must have consistent form when using an espresso tamper since it requires an even distribution of force and movement. If your form is wrong and you are doing it at the wrong angle then the coffee may fall out or be displaced. The best way to maintain good form is to turn the tamping side-hip towards the countertop, proceed to keep your wrist straight and your elbow bent to stay in control. This positioning will also drastically decrease your chances of injury or strain.

Ensure Grounds Are Level

When you are pouring your measured coffee into your portafilter, doing something as simple as running your finger around the top to push off the excess grounds can help to produce a more level base. The most important factor to consider is ensuring the coffee is even and level within your portafilter. If not then when you go to apply pressure whilst using the espresso tamper, you will get an uneven extraction and less flavour!

Apply The Right Amount of Pressure

When mentioning pressure it is important that you can apply the right amount with an espresso tamper. A starting force of around 15 pounds is good for forming a puck-shaped base with your espresso. To measure this amount of pressure simply place your hand on some weighing scales and this will give you an indication of how much pressure to use with an espresso tamper.

Inspect & Clean Puck After Usage

Once you have successfully used your espresso tamper it is then time for cleaning. Inspect the puck, ensuring there are no loose spaces or gaps in and around the coffee. Make sure to wipe off all excess coffee grounds that have spilt around the edges of the portafilter, this will help to protect the portafilter as well as reducing your espresso machine maintenance and increases its lifespan.

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