What Types Of Coffee Do We Love?

We realise that at Espresso @ Home, we focus a lot of time on the best coffee and right grinds for our customers. Yet we never really go into the types of coffee that we love. Of course, we are very passionate on this subject and we love coffee more than most! Our most recent favourite choices of coffee are being provide by Piano Coffee, as they provide great tasting coffee products for all to enjoy. Read on below to see the types of coffee that we love.

Piano Coffee – Francesco Coffee Beans  

This brand differs from the classic and well-known tastes of Lavazza. The Piano Coffee- Francesco Coffee beans really are a delight to the senses. Piano coffee set out to create a fresh and classical Italian-style coffee and they achieved it with this product. The coffee is made up of mostly Arabica beans yet still gets balanced out with a hint of Robusta which just makes the coffee tick! The taste resembles that of a light fruity yet dominant cocoa flavour producing an overall decadent cup of coffee. 

Our Favourite Coffee at Espresso  

Here are some of our personal coffee favourites: 

Quinney De Luca 

Depending on how I feel I love the intense flavour of Espresso, or Americano if I fancy a less strength and a latte (good for dunking biscuits in the morning!) 

Dan Sewell 

I’m one of the weird one’s(!) I like the taste of coffee without adding Milk, Sugar, Syrup, Mocha Power, Nutmeg, Mushroom etc., etc., etc., to change its taste and flavour! I originally entered the coffee business to get free coffee and now I’m really happy to pay for the good stuff! Whatever coffee you choose, you’ll either like it, or you won’t! It’s a simple as that! 

My favourite coffee right now is Franceso Triple Certified Organic Coffee. I really enjoyed the ritual of grinding my coffee on demand, then brewing a fresh point of filter coffee. It has a fantastic well-balanced flavour and I love it! Good job really, since I currently have 12kgs of it in my garage!! 

Louie Salvoni 

My coffee tastes change from time to time but the one coffee that stays at the top of my list is Francesco from Piano coffee. Can’t find anything to beat it”. Works great as an espresso and top-quality filter. There aren’t many coffees that do that” 

Kevin Towers 

Whole bean ground with my grinder is my preferred choice, Sarah also prefers this type, as the quality is always good and its quick and easy to prepare. You can prepare a good quality black coffee using this method in the same time as it takes to brew a proper cup of tea with the correct equipment!  


I have a gusto pod coffee machine; I don’t drink a lot of coffee but on the weekends after the gym I treat myself to either a cappuccino or mocha – followed by a Danish pastry – A well-deserved treat after a beastly extreme spin class. 


I love a coffee first thing in the morning and love trying the different flavours /strengths on my espresso machine. My favourite coffee is a latte. 


I like Piano Coffee Francesco Organic Bean! 

I enjoy it freshly ground; It has a good balance of smooth flavour with no off-notes.   Perfect levels of acidity, sweetness and bitterness in one cup. Great start to a busy day.  

About Piano Coffee  

We at Espresso are huge fans of the work and products that are provided at Piano Coffee. We are extremely impressed by their triple-certified coffee beans, these include Fair Trade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance. They are Lavazza’s number 1 dedicated UK partner, meaning there is no greater place to purchase fresh tasting Lavazza coffee beans from. They pride themselves on giving back to farmers and communities which is proved by their certifications on their coffee and for this, we at Espresso @ Home have the upper-most respect for. Find out more about Piano Coffee on their dedicated page

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