How Do You Know If Your Coffee Machine Needs Repairing?

Image of a woman holding down a espresso machine, pouring coffee into the cup.

The average coffee machine lasts approximately 5 years, however, if your machine is reasonably new and having problems then there is most likely a problem with the coffee machine or perhaps the coffee grinder, there is a multitude of reasons of why this could be happening.

Some potential problems are:

Leaks in The Coffee Machine

If your coffee machine is leaking, then the solution could be as simple as making sure you have everything secured and in place before turning it on. If, however, you have everything secured so that no self-made leaks can occur and your coffee equipment is leaking then it could be a defective seal on the bottom of the tank. If this is the case this requires one of our coffee machine engineers to complete as it cannot be located without the machine being disassembled.

If it is not a problem with the seal then it is most likely a build-up of limescale which has caused a damaged pipe and so with this you will have to get your coffee machine professionally fixed or replaced by Espresso@Home.

Coffee Grounds Build Up

You may have to repair your coffee machine if there is a blockage, this blockage would most likely be caused by coffee grounds found in the tube of your coffee maker. A problem could be with your grinder in your machine as if this is broken or even slightly damaged then it could cause errant grounds to escape. You should always use the coffee machines manufacturers agreed cleaning and descaling product. Using products that they don’t specifically recommend, could result in damage to your equipment.

Image of some ground coffee.

Coffee Tastes Burnt or Off

If your coffee machine is producing coffee that tastes burnt, it may not need repairing as this could be a mistake on your part. Ensure that your machine is calibrated correctly, as simple setting adjustment could have a positive impact on the taste. the coffee beans may not be fresh. Only take out the number of coffee beans you’re going to use in 24 hours to ensure they remain fresh.

However, your coffee machine may need repairing as other causes that lead to a burnt taste would be that your filter system is poor/broken or that you could again have an issue with limescale and so you will need to get your machine fixed.

Image of some coffee beans.


It takes the average coffee machine, 5-10 minutes to heat up. You should only keep your coffee machine on for around 30 minutes as any longer will most likely burn the coffee inside and also could be dangerous for your electricity bill!

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