Popular Ways that Coffee Grounds are Recycled

The idea of recycling coffee grounds is by no means new, in fact as early as the 19th century, people used coffee grounds to clean their dishes, displace bad smells and help to revive wooden floors!

It is no surprise then, that there are multiple uses for coffee grounds instead of just simply throwing them away. Here are some popular ways that people recycle coffee grounds.

Skin Treatment

Another way that people utilise coffee grounds is making coffee soap! This is created using a mixture of rapeseed, olive and almond oil, some coconut fat, water, sodium hydroxide and of course your left-over used coffee grounds. After mixing the ingredients, the mixture is then sealed away and left for a day. The soap is then left to ferment and ripen for around a month.

Plant Fertiliser

As you probably already know, coffee grounds are full of nutrients. They are perfect to be recycled into plant fertiliser that can be used for your garden or houseplants. The reason they are so ideal is because  coffee grounds contain phosphorus, potassium and most importantly, the nitrogen of which is great for plants.

Recycled coffee grounds cater to slightly acidic plants at around a pH of 6-6.5. Coffee grounds can be used to help plants grow. Vegetables such as tomatoes, courgettes or cucumbers as they all thrive off caffeine.

Recycled coffee grounds are sprinkled around a plant on the ground about once a week. For houseplants, the coffee grounds are mixed with the potting soil. 


Recycled coffee grounds have been used for colouring and dying for many years. As mentioned previously, they have been used to enhance old, dark wooden furniture since the 19th century!

Coffee grounds are often used to dye fabrics and paper. This dyeing method is created by dissolving the coffee grounds in water and then dipping the intended object to be coloured in the solution. The exposure time to the coffee grounds depends on the required colour.

Remove Lingering Odours

This is perhaps the most known use of recycling coffee grounds, this technique works an absolute treat in removing unwanted smells and odours. This is of course because of the strong and overpowering smell that coffee naturally has.

There is not much worse than the lingering smell of garlic or onion on your hands after cooking, especially if it gets into your nails. Many people place their hands in a jar full of ground coffee. The coffee powder will cause unpleasant smells to go away.

You can also recycle your used coffee grounds to be used to dispose of bad smells in your fridge. It is common to place coffee grounds into a bowl and then into the fridge. It is then left overnight and the bad smell disappears.

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