How to Clean Your Coffee Grinder?

The best way to clean your coffee grinder is to make sure you do it every day. This is because the number of coffee beans that are being ground should be quite low, this means that cleaning the grinder is a lot quicker and much easier.

A simple way to clean your coffee grinder is by using the traditional method of vinegar (white vinegar). Cleaning your grinder with vinegar will dissipate any bad and unwanted odours that may have built up over time. You should always ensure that you follow your coffee grinder manufacturers guidance as every coffee grinder has a different cleaning method.

Cleaning a Hand-Crank Coffee Grinder

When cleaning a hand-crank grinder you will first need to disassemble your coffee maker. You will need to use a screwdriver to extract the top of the grinder and the screws from the bracket whilst holding the burr in place. Then use perhaps a pair of pliers to grab the grinder and twist the handle to separate all the parts.

You will then need to mix enough water and baking soda to form a paste, proceed to dip a paper towel into the paste and rub it into the grinder, once you have thoroughly rubbed the grinder you should dampen a dishcloth and wipe the paste away. Finally, you can reassemble your coffee machine and the grinder has been cleaned! Although you should be careful when dismantling your coffee grinder, we advise that you read the instructions that come with the grinder when thinking about taking the hand-crank off the grinder.

Cleaning a Manual Coffee Grinder

Manual coffee grinders will contain coffee burrs that will need to be cleaned to ensure that your coffee tastes fresh.

Like the hand-crank grinder, when cleaning a manual coffee grinder, you will have to disassemble it first. Once you have done this lay all the parts onto a paper towel, rinse the handle and lid of your coffee maker with warm water then proceed to dry them.

Fill a bowl with soapy water and place the remaining parts into it, take them out of the bowl and rinse them with clean water and then dry them, after this initial clean you can even get a Q-tip and proceed to scrape deep into the corners of your grinder to ensure you achieve a thorough clean.

Cleaning a Blade Coffee Grinder

Cleaning a blade coffee grinder is very simple, once the grinder is turned on you should place the rice into the coffee grinder. This will blitz the rice and at the same time, it will absorb all the coffee oils within the grinder. Proceed to bin the rice and wipe down the grinder with a wet cloth/towel. When cleaning the blade of the coffee grinder, you should ensure you follow the guidelines that the manufacturers provide to ensure that you’re cleaning the blade of your grinder correctly.

Cleaning an Electric Coffee Grinder

Cleaning an electric grinder is not too dissimilar from the blade grinder, as you can use the same rice technique. You can also use some basic shop-bought grinder-cleaner.

Place the old coffee grounds back into the grinder and with some cleaning powder tablets and grind them both together. After you have fully ground the two substances together, you can get rid of the new substance and run at least two cycles of coffee beans through the grinder to purge any taste of the cleaner. Make sure you’re following the grinder manufacturers recommendations when attempting to clean the machine.

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