Ways That We Can Save Coffee from Climate Change

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With the world drinking coffee since the 15th century, it has always been a popular drink in the UK and the rest of the world. According to the International Coffee Organisation, as a global unit, we produce up to 9 million tonnes of coffee each year! Yet what if I told you that if we carry on doing the same things and at the same speed then items like coffee, as well as chocolate and wine may be no more. That dystopian look at the future could be a harsh reality because of the effects of climate change. Read on below to see how this is happening and what we can do to prevent it!

Why is Coffee at Risk?

Currently, all the world’s coffee is sourced from 2 plants which may already seem problematic even without climate change. These coffee plants are called Arabica and Robusta and are also responsible for the incomes of over 125 million people worldwide. These plants are at risk from climate change as Arabica coffee is especially prone to spiking heat, several pests and diseases and infrequent rainfall.

Coffee leaf rust has been spurred on by climate change and has been affecting coffee and other plants for many decades. Coffee leaf rust or Hemileia Vastatrix is a fast-growing fungus that turns bright green coffee leaves into a patchier brown colour and will make the plant give off a much lesser yield of coffee until it dies within a couple of years.

Another reason for the global decrease in coffee is the Berry Borer. This is a small insect known scientifically as the Hypothenemus hampei and is an Invasive Species Pest which burrows its way into coffee beans and spoils them. This causes huge economic losses particularly in places like Ethiopia and Kenya where coffee farming is an essential career for many.

How Are We Helping to Save Coffee from Climate Change?

Scientists and researchers around the world have set up World Coffee Research with funding from the likes of Lavazza and other coffee companies. The first of which we at Espresso @ Home supply our repair services to as we appreciate their effort in the fight against coffee extinction from climate change! This research tests the climate resilience of over 30 different coffee varieties to try and crack the code and find the perfect traits to make coffee more sustainable. If these researchers work quick enough in their work, then they will be able to eventually achieve a variety of coffee that will not be impacted by climate change and can develop into many different coffee brands to keep the industry alive.

As a coffee focused company, we are especially passionate about climate change and our coffee machine repairs are all environmentally friendly as we are aware that if managed incorrectly, the coffee industry may end up being its own reason for its demise.

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