5 Tips for Buying a Home Coffee Machine

Image of a coffee being made.

Buying a coffee machine is not something you do every day; it is a purchase that will stay with you for many years if it is kept in good condition. It is important to consider some factors when buying a home coffee machine, read on below for 5 tips on purchasing your domestic coffee machine.

Variant of Coffee

The first thing to consider when buying a home coffee machine is to consider why type of coffee you want to make. This is vital as certain coffee machines cater to espresso whilst others are more cappuccino or flat white-based. It’s important to understand the difference between an espresso machine and a coffee machine. For example, many people say that espresso machines create a much richer, creamy and more diverse tasting coffee compared to the regular coffee machine, which much more subtle in flavour. However, it’s important to read up on what coffee the machine you’re looking at specialises in.


Speaking of cost, another tip for buying a home coffee machine is to have a budget in mind when shopping around. When purchasing your home coffee machine try to focus on the long-term benefits of it. It may seem rather expensive at the time yet spending more money now will lead to you having to not pay out on future repairs that will likely add up to a similar amount over time. If you need home coffee machine repairs, you can book a repair now.

Brewing Size

This tip will depend on the circumstances in your home, if you are someone living by yourself then your required brewing size for your coffee will be less than a house of 4 or 5 people. Also, you can look to buy a single-cup coffee machine, this is great for families who like different variants of coffee as each member can have a different type of coffee that suits them.

Additional Features

Most new coffee machines contain lots of new technology, including touchscreen features and even voice command in some cases. You can do your research online on home coffee machines and you can see descriptions of all the features that individual machines may have.


This is one of the main tips when buying a home coffee machine! Buying a machine that is too complicated ~ 18 different modes and built-in sensory features, you may end up being served a cup of coffee with too much milk or with an over-extracted coffee. The main thing is that the machine is convenient to use for you. Most people will pay for convenience even if it is more costly than other choices, mainly down to the fact that most of us are not morning people!

Contact Espresso @ Home for Home Coffee Machine Repairs

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