Tips on How to Grind Coffee Without a Coffee Grinder

Image of some coffee beans in a grinder.

Although there are many types of coffee grinders on the market, some people do not have access or aren’t confident in committing to purchasing a coffee grinder. The main reasons for this are because there is quite a large ranger in the quality and price of coffee grinders. Some are as little as £10 and others can cost as much as £400! Those more highly-priced products are coffee grinders that are more efficient and will last for a longer Time than something brought for a cheaper price.
Though at Espresso @ Home we are lovers of coffee machines and grinders, as we offer our coffee machine repair and services to those who need it. We appreciate that many people will look for cheaper alternatives for grinding coffee. Below are a few tips and methods on how to grind coffee without a coffee grinder.

Using a Knife

Starting simple with the tool that everybody has in their kitchen. Using the flat side of a standard kitchen knife, press down onto the coffee beans with a reasonable amount of force. Pressing down with this side of the blade will allow you to have the most control over the crushing process and produce a medium to medium-fine coffee grind which will produce great tasting coffee. This method does take quite a lot of skill and knowledge of using a knife to pull off perfectly!, If you aren’t too good with a knife, we advise you to use one of the other options!

Using a Food Processor

This item is nowhere near as common in homes as a knife, yet many people do have food processors since they are great for producing and optimising the best flavours from foods. This would indicate then that it is a viable option to grind coffee in and it most certainly is! The best way to ensure the process is done correctly is to grind coffee in short and quick bursts. We’d advise that you move the food processor side-to-side whilst doing this to ensure the best coffee grind. Although this method is not the easiest or convenient, it can get the job done for sure.

Using a Rolling Pin

This is another common tool in homes and something that might be seen as an obvious substitute for a coffee grinder as hammers are best known for pushing lots of force into one concentrated area. As a hammer is quite rough and aggressive the best grind you can most likely produce is a coarse-medium grind, so bear that in mind beforehand. The process of grinding coffee with a hammer involves laying out two sheets of paper or film, one above and one below the coffee beans. Proceed to crush and grind the coffee with caution as too much force could cause damage to your countertop! This method is ideal if you prefer a less defined coffee grind.

Using a Mortar & Pestle

This method is probably the most ‘like-for-like’ substitute for how to grind coffee without a coffee grinder. Although it may not be the most common tool in the home, many people do own these items as they are great for grinding spices and herbs. When using a mortar & pestle to grind your coffee, it gives you full control of the final coffee grind, so you can decide the right grind for you. For the best results, be sure to hold the pestle in your dominant hand and the mortar with your other hand for stability. Use quite a lot of force and twist your hand into the pestle, as this will crush the coffee beans in the mortar much quicker. Overall, this method is probably the best alternative to a coffee grinder, it just takes a little more time.

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