A Guide to Extending Your Coffee Machine’s Lifespan

Image of a domestic coffee machine.

At Espresso @ Home, we understand the importance of long-lasting coffee machines and even dedicate our services towards coffee machine repair. Purchasing a coffee machine is a long-term investment for most people, this is because of the amount of usage that they will get out of it in the years they will have it for. Read on below for a brief guide on extending the lifespan of your coffee machine.

Regular Cleaning

Let us first start off with the obvious! Regular cleaning will ensure a longer lifespan as the cleaner your coffee machine, the more efficient it stays Ensuring you clean any coffee residue or old grounds from your coffee machine will mean that there is a reduced chance of coffee grounds getting jammed and ruining the entire mechanism. Regular cleaning will also make sure that no dust can gather within your coffee machine, leaving it in pristine condition for a long period of time.

Use the Right Grind

We can all make mistakes with our coffee machines, one of the most important things to check when purchasing your coffee machine is the type of grind that it caters to. Using a larger grind for a smaller grind coffee machine can lead in serious damage. If your coffee machine is designed for a very fine grind, and you are trying to use a larger rougher coffee grind on it, this may still produce your coffee, yet you will not get the optimum flavour or texture.

Image of coffee pods.

Cramming Capsules

If you purchase expensive capsules for your coffee machine and they do not fit, do not try to cram them into the machine. After all you can always return your capsules and replace them for the correct size! Wrong sized pods can break your coffee machine and cause hundreds of pounds of damages. So, to reiterate, it is better to have a £10-£20 loss on coffee capsules instead of £200+ in damages to your machine, sometimes you just must bite the bullet unfortunately.

Turning it Off After Use

This is once again an obvious point; however, this takes nothing away from how important this point is. Some of us tend to leave things on when we are not using them, a light or phone charger for example. Do not fall back on these habits when it comes to your coffee machine, however. Leaving your coffee machine on for a long time can cause overheating and could even become a safety hazard in the worst-case scenario. Simply remembering to turn off your coffee machine after use can be the difference in having to pay large repair fees or not.

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