Why Have Home Coffee Machines Become So Popular?

Since coffee shops and cafés have been closed for months, coffee lovers had to look elsewhere for their coffee fix! Their answer has been to purchase a coffee machine for use at home! By doing so they can still get great, fresh-tasting coffee and they don’t even have to leave the house to get it! Read on below to find out more reasons for the growing popularity of home coffee machines.

Convenience & Efficiency

A home coffee machine can give you a great cup of quality coffee, quickly and consistent quality. They are great if you have a limited amount of time in the morning yet still want a barista style coffee to start off your day.

Easy Maintenance

Home coffee machines are quite easy to maintain and keep clean, we recommend cleaning your coffee machine each day that you use it, regular cleaning will mean there is less chance of old coffee grounds getting stuck in your machine and ruining it. If you are struggling to clean or maintain your home coffee machine, be sure to view contact our team at Espresso @ Home. To save you money, you can also check out our recent blog on how to clean your home coffee machine

Image of girl drinking coffee.

Environmental Reasons

The popularity of home coffee machines could also be down to their environmental impact and how they can decrease our carbon footprint. We base our company around coffee and repairing coffee machines and we support the coffee industry in becoming more environmentally friendly.
We support coffee machine companies like Lavazza in the effort to make coffee better for the environment, including their own foundation which helps decrease our carbon footprint as well as coffee farmers across the globe.

Easy Use

Another key reason for the popularity of home coffee machines is how easy and simple they are to use. This way you can produce barista quality coffee, yet you do not need to be a trained barista to make great tasting fresh coffee at home. Using a modern home coffee machine will allow you to experience the process of producing a perfect coffee, without you having to do any of the work yourself. Once you purchase a machine for yourself, you may never want to travel outside your home for coffee ever again!

Contact Espresso @ Home for Coffee Machine Repairs

If you are having trouble with repairing your coffee machine or want to buy one, you can contact our team Espresso @ Home and will be sure to give you the best service! Get in touch with one of our engineers using our contact form or give us a call.

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