Get someone in? Or do it yourself? Is it sensible to fix your own machine?

Get someone in? Or do it yourself? Is it sensible to fix your own machine or too much trouble?

Once you have a machine at home, a change in water flow, a button not working, or a leak can be symptoms that something is wrong.

Many will look online for help! It’s likely that you might find something fun and easy to watch. Its equally likely that you could make a mistake!

Watching a short video doesn’t replace the years of knowledge and experience that our engineers have! Our engineers have many years of experience working on a wide variety of equipment and draw on that when effecting repairs. Where possible we will also try to repair your equipment. We don’t want your repair to cost the earth!

What can you do?

Some people have some prior knowledge and if that’s you, you could change the seals and showers on a coffee machine as long as the machine is disconnected and not hot.

If you do decide to do this, order the spare parts from us. We will cross-reference this with manufacturers’ part manuals and ensure you have the correct manufacturer-approved parts for the job.

In general, doing anything more than that can be risky. Inside a coffee machine, you will often find complicated equipment, that could be expensive and possibly hazardous. In general, if you have an issue that you’re not qualified to handle the sensible thing to do is contact a credible service provider and we’d love to help!

Ask yourself, would you pull apart any other electrical appliance – the fridge, microwave, or toaster – in your house? Your coffee machine is no different. If the answer is no, or even “I don’t know”, then don’t do it. 

Broadly speaking we think it’s sensible to fix your own machine, it’s too much trouble! We’d recommend getting someone in!

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