Favourite Drinks Around the World

Although at Espresso @ Home we like to focus on coffee as the main beverage, many countries around the world have different or similar opinions to us. For example, some places around Africa prefer coffee, yet others prefer tea. Each country is different and this is what makes the drinks’ category so interesting. When it comes to coffee lovers, for example, Finland takes the cake. The national average of coffee consumption being 26.45 lbs per person, making Finland the biggest coffee drinkers around the world! Seen below are just a few examples of the most popular drinks by a select few countries in each continent.

Europe – United Kingdom – Tea

Starting with the obvious one. The UK has an increasing battled between tea & coffee as its number one choice. Although it is quite tight these days, we believe that tea will always be Britain’s first choice beverage and that is coming from a coffee-based company! Britons drink over 100 million cups of tea per day, this amounts to almost 36 billion total cups per year. When seeing that the UK population is around 67 million, that is a lot of tea!

Image of a cup of tea.

Asia – South Korea – Coffee

Now when most people think of Asian drinks, they go straight to green tea. However, South Korea is the only country in  Asia that prefers coffee. As you can imagine, we are big fans of South Korea! The average citizen consumes around 181 cups of coffee each year, it is by far the biggest coffee consumer in Asia.

Image of a cup of coffee.

South America – Brazil – Coffee

Similar to the tea stereotype that is set in Asia, South America is well known for its coffee beans. Yet in this case, the majority of South America prefer Coca-Cola. However, with the biggest country in South America being Brazil, they are huge coffee consumers. When we say that Brazil loves coffee, that is an understatement. The country is the 2nd biggest consumer of coffee around the world. Brazil is also the biggest coffee producer on Earth, It is also responsible for 70% of all Arabica coffee beans grown in the world.

Africa – Kenya – Black Tea

Africa is well known for both tea & coffee production. When it comes to individual countries though, one of the biggest consumers and producers in Kenya. Kenya is the world’s largest exporter of black tea. This product differs from the ‘English Breakfast’ tea that the majority of the United Kingdom enjoy as it focuses solely on the taste of the tea plant itself. Black tea is also extremely high in caffeine and so drinking it, enables farmers to have the energy and boost to harvest and care for their crops.

North America – Mexico – Coca-Cola

Mexico is the world’s biggest consumer of coke, this seems surprising as the two biggest North American countries in Canada & America, would seem more likely to have this title. Mexicans adore the taste of Coca-Cola, with on average 700 cups of it being consumed per person annually.

Image of cans and bottles of Coca Cola.

Australia – Bottled Wine

Over in Oceania, the biggest country is Australia. The drink that they enjoy the most over there is rather classy in it being bottled wine. As of stats from 2018, the average Australian citizen consumes around 27 litres of wine per year. Meaning the majority of them drank around 20 full bottles of wine.

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