Coffee Maker Repair

Coffee Maker Repair

Coffee maker Repair

Common Faults

Slow coffee is one of the most researched problems on the internet, although this problem can be such a wide problem we have listed a few tips to get you going again

Coffee Grinder To Fine  

Coffee Maker Repair On Capsule machines will not have this problem however if you grind your own coffee this maybe the problem. The quickest way to diagnose this problem run water from the machine without the port filter ( Handle) , If the water is fine you need to adjust your grind.

Descaling Your Coffee Machine 

Let’s not forget about descaling your coffee machine, it’s an important job to keep your machine in working order. Machines blocking up with scale can cause many problems including the problem above. Follow the manufacturer guide to do this and see if that gets your up and running again.

Leaking Steam Wand

This could be a related scale problem again, try descaling if this does not work you might need a new seal of valve.

Descaling of this type of equipment requires the attention of a coffee technician. Please contact us on  And if scales become a regular issue ask us about Hydracs

Coffee Maker Repair

Need more help get in touch with our experienced engineers for home coffee machine maintenance by phone 01174 502500

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